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  • What is Orion?

    Our Orion set was designed with only the purest intentions. This set is designed to assist its wearer by allowing the wearer to tap into his/her confidence. It also helps its wearer by increasing energy, providing you with stamina to complete your tasks and accomplish your goals. This blue/turquoise and white combination of colours along with a beautiful marble embellishment, will help to accentuate the hands and nails of its beholder. Orion is handcrafted by our exclusive designers with quality, authentic Blue Howlite crystal. This gorgeous, eye-catching set is sure to compliment every outfit, turn heads and bring peaceful vibes into your life. This set includes our premium nail extensions and scluptor gel. Our premium materials provide the wearer with a long lasting durable yet flawless finish.

  • High quality

    ✓ 10 custom size/design
    ✓ Superior strength press on nails
    ✓ Salon Quality
    ✓ Almond shaped long false nails
    ✓ Durable X2 layers of top coat
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Nail Length:
Preferred Shape:
Custom Nail Sizes in mm or nail number according to chart:

*Please note that due to the hardness of crystals, not every desired nail shape can be accommodated. Please consult one of our designers prior to placing your order.

When maintained properly, La Nova Nails can be used on more than one occasion. See nail application guide for more information.


  • What is Howlite?

    Howlite is a borate mineral composed of irregular nodules and a monoclinic structure. Its color scheme is chalky white with darker "veins". The meaning of Howlite is linked to patience and perspective.

    Howlite is all about tempering the storm. Also known by its scientific name Silico Boro Calcite, it is known to be a borate mineral and a bit of a softer stone compared to others.

    Howlite with its pure snow white colour scheme oozes comparison and sensitivity. It was first discovered by Henry How back in 1868. Henry was a Canadian chemist and mineralogist and he named the stone Howlite Silico-Boro-Calcite. It has been recovered in Nova Scotia, USA, Germany, Namibia, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia and the warmer shores of Mexico.

    Howlite has been named the imitation stone as sometimes it is dyed Turquoise for more of an icy snow blue hue. Although the color can be altered, the healing properties of Howlite remain the same.

  • Healing Properties

    Howlite is a stone of patience and perspective. It can help clear and absorb constant thoughts or chatter from the mind. It is an amazingly calming stone that raises one's awareness, helping to grant clear vision.

    Blue Howlite is in particular a excellent tool for aiding to help calm an overactive mind and tempering emotional expression. It can also help provide strength to calming anger and inflammatory responses of the mind while ensuring your own boundaries and best interests are met.

    It is a competent cleanser of negative energy and can keep you connected with the higher realms and on your higher path of purposeful living. Blue Howlite effectively helps to connect to your crown chakra reminding us not to focus on a negative perspective but reminds us that we can be focusing towards knowledge and serenity instead.
✓ 10 nail adhesive stickers
✓ 1 Nail file
✓ 1 cuticle pusher
✓ 1 press on nail preparation wipe
✓ 1 bottle of nail glue
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nails application guide