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  • What is Elara?

    Our Elara set was designed with the purest intentions in mind. This set is designed to assist its wearer by helping to relieve stress naturally, irritability and has been known in history to help aid in balancing mood swings. This rich, purple and gold combination of colours will help to accentuate the hands and nails of any wearer. Elara is handcrafted by our exclusive designers with quality, authentic Purple Amethyst crystal. This gorgeous, eye-catching set is sure to compliment every outfit, turn heads and bring a visually appealing aesthetic of tranquillity and peace into one's life. This set includes our premium nail extensions and sculptor get. Our premium materials provide any wearer with a long lasting durable yet flawless finish.

  • High quality

    ✓ 10 custom size/design
    ✓ Superior strength press on nails
    ✓ Salon Quality
    ✓ Ballerina shaped long false nail extensions
    ✓ Durable X2 layers of top coat
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Nail Length:
Preferred Shape:
Custom Nail Sizes in mm or nail number according to chart:

*Please note that due to the hardness of crystals, not every desired nail shape can be accommodated. Please consult one of our designers prior to placing your order.

When maintained properly, La Nova Nails can be used on more than one occasion. See nail application guide for more information.


  • What is Amethyst?

    Amethyst is a variety of quartz. It is created in various shades of purple and violet and is part of the hexagonal crystal system. Amethyst is a semi-precious stone with a vitreous glassy luster. The meaning of Amethyst is wisdom and calmness.

    This potent beautiful stone is sure to sweep everyone off of their feet. She will leave all those who wear her glamorously grounded.

    Ancient civilizations of this luminous stone have been traced back to 25,000 BC. From the Greeks to the Romans and even Egyptians, everyone has been drawn to the deep healing powers the amethyst stone emanated. Amethyst means "not intoxicated" and comes from the ancient Greek word - Amethystos.

  • Historical Properties

    The historical properties of Amethyst on a physical level have been know to be associated with cell regeneration, more soothing sleep and promoting hormonal balance within. Amethyst helps to balance the endocrine system by helping the body to create inner harmony reducing or balancing cortisol production- which can help the body dramatically cut down on tension and stress. 

    For those who struggle to cut down on drinking patterns, Amethyst is said to aid it's wearer by encouraging the wearer to keep a sober mind. Amethyst is a stone that serves as a reminder that luminous thoughts and a level head are needed for making the correct choices in life.

    Amethyst gemstones are also known for the ability to help the body fight off ailments and disease that create havoc on the body and a person's well being. It lends a purifying characteristic to the blood, thus helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. By reducing stress and anxiety levels, the immune system is boosted meaning all the systems of the body can find higher levels of energy to heal itself.

    As always, we strongly reccomend that crystals should not be used in replace of any medical advise. Crystals and gemstones are for aesthetic and luxury purposes only. If you are under the supervision of any Doctor, do not stop taking any medications to treat any illness without consulting your Doctor.
This set includes our premium nail extensions and sculptor get. Our premium materials provide any wearer with a long lasting durable yet flawless finish.

✓ Coffin shaped long false nail extensions
✓ 10 nail adhesive stickers
✓ 1 Nail file
✓ 1 cuticle pusher
✓ 1 press on nail preparation wipe
✓ 1 bottle of nail glue
nails size chart
nails application guide