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  • What is Aventurine?

    Our Atlas set was designed with the purest intentions in mind backed by historical and educational knowledge. This blue and green combination, along a hint of pink marbling, will help to accentuate the hands and nails of anyone who wears this set. Atlas is handcrafted by our exclusive designers with quality, authentic Aventurine crystal. This gorgeous, eye-catching set is sure to compliment every outfit, turn heads and be a conversation starter when worn.

  • High quality

    ✓ 10 custom size/design
    ✓ Superior strength press on nails
    ✓ Salon Quality
    ✓ Stiletto shaped nail extensions
    ✓ Durable X2 layers of top coat
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Nail Length:
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Custom Nail Sizes in mm or nail number according to chart:

*Please note that due to the hardness of crystals, not every desired nail shape can be accommodated. Please consult one of our designers prior to placing your order.

When maintained properly, La Nova Nails can be used on more than one occasion. See nail application guide for more information.


  • What is Aventurine?

    Aventurine is a style of quartz crystal. It is most commonly green but is also found in shades of blue, red, grey and brown. It has a few minerals in the quartz that give it a gimmering effect known as Aventurescence. Aventurine has a meaning of prosperity and confidence.

    Aventurine meaning comes from the Italian word Adventura which means chance. With a name that romantically flows smoothly off the tip of your tongue, you cannot help but adore this sparkling stone that connects you to all of your positive thoughts and ambitions within.

    Aventurine is usually found in places of earth with naturally high energy. It is mined in India, the humid depths of the Amazon jungle, cooler depths of Russia, the lush green mountains of Brazil and Chile. It's a variation of quartz that is often found in a green color flecked with sparkles of gold.

    For centuries Aventurine was called the stone of the Amazons. It was said to be the stone that guarded the shields of Amazon Warrior Queens, tapping into feminine energy.

    Aventurine is always ready to help rouse those feelings of love and creative design but in a way that is strong and healthy. It has been said to be a comforting crystal and one assisting to help harmonize within. 

  • Historical Properties

    Above everything, Aventurine has been said to be a stone in history that radiates positivity. Whether it is being a go-getter when it comes to your profession, finding success in friendships, finding a sacred love connection, tapping into your creative side, the visual aesthitic of Aventurine is a definite dream.

    In history it has been said to help bring an overactive nervous system back into balance. For those experiencing burn out like symptoms related to frazzled nerves, Avanturite may be able to help assist you in lowering your blood pressure thus helping you to regulate your thymus gland. It also helps in all things linked to circulation and is an amazing stone to have for those recovering from any long lasting related illness. It has also been known in history to aid in helping those suffering from fertility issues.

    Aventurine has been said to help you bring more abundance to your life by shifting your mind into occupying a more positive headspace. It's a stone that has been said to aid with decisive action making, strong leadership qualities and encourages you to keep on going no matter the obstacle that may be in the way. Aventurite grants you space to focus on healing old wounds and letting go of those thought patterns that can lead you to an over analytical mind.

    Green Aventurine has also been said to help you clear out blockages that you may have been stuck on and any blockages that may have been holding you back. It can stop you from getting stuck in the same old trust issues and it encourages you to find space, strength and courage when it comes to deciding what baggage you should let go of. When our heart is fully aligned and open and old baggage has been given to God, we are better equipped to move on with the changes that naturally occur in life and to embrace these cycles as being lessons and part of our own journey.

Our Atlas set includes our premium quality nail extensions and sculpture gel. Our premium materials provide our clients with a long lasting durable yet flawless finish for any special occasion.
✓ 10 nail adhesive stickers
✓ 1 Nail file
✓ 1 cuticle pusher
✓ 1 press on nail preparation wipe
✓ 1 bottle of nail glue
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nails application guide